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The Force truly awakened with the triumphant return of the Star Wars franchise with J.J. Abrams in the Millennium Falcon’s pilot seat. When news first hit the stands and the cyber realm about Abrams taking on the world of Star Wars fans were polarized. Some feared the Abrams-flare would populate the frame inside the new films, while others like myself knew that we would be in for a treat.

The more we crept closer to the film’s release, the more excited and united the fans became in their opinion of Abrams at the helm. Having now garnered $524.9 million globally…

Audiences, as of late, have been complaining about recent franchise films, and serialized content, and access to social media platforms makes those subjective opinionated voices more accessible and easily heard, or read.

Sure, professional film critics, including myself, are guilty of criticizing and sharing their objective opinion but they also tend to be the kind of audience members that actually seek to truly enjoy what they are watching.

After the release of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, fans took to Rotten Tomatoes, the film review website, and began their wrathful complaining, whining, grumbling, and tore the film to…

Whatever I say after this point might in fact trigger some readers out there, but seeing how my opinions have always been put under scrutiny, and this podcast is where I express my concerns when it comes to matters in the industry, I stand by everything that I say.

I am utterly enraged by what I keep reading day in and day out about political correctness, inclusion, and whatever else people want to bitch about when it comes to cinema or television, whether it be in America or in Lebanon.

We have now come to a point where people are…

Photo by Raj Eiamworakul on Unsplash

It had been a while since I watched Supernatural, one of my favorite television series, but with all the serialized content out there I couldn’t fit it into my schedule. This summer, I filtered out shows that continued to disappoint during the 2015–2016 season, so I got myself back on the Supernatural wagon. After watching Episode 918[1], I am beyond happy I did.

The episode cleverly entitled “Meta-Fiction” was an ode to all ideas related to something that Metatron himself asks in the episode’s teaser[2]: “What makes a good story?” — a question that all writers continue to try and…

When MAN OF STEEL first premiered, it’s safe to say it wasn’t met with a lot of positive feedback from fans — though let’s be clear none of the current DC Comic films have been loved by fans at all.

With the recent DC announcements of re-branding, and taking the franchise in a possible new direction, I decided to give these films a second chance.

After finishing the MAN OF STEEL re-watch here is the verdict: Zack Snyder’s film is the most correct depiction of the hero that audiences have ever seen — a Superman that is struggling with his…

BEIRUT: The long-awaited, and overly-hyped first Sony production of a character in the universe of the red and blue with a spider emblem hero without the hero himself has finally arrived in cinemas, and boy was it an utter disappointment.

Whatever Sony’s thought process was behind deciding to produce a film (with potential franchise) about Eddie Brock/Venom, one of Marvel’s greatest and most complex characters and a character that is tied to Peter Parker even though he has his own comic book series, is beyond reason or understanding.

Yet, here we are and the film exists.

The film follows journalist…

BEIRUT: Whenever a film sneaks into the movie theater with barely a whisper, it usually means studio execs don’t necessarily have a lot of faith in the project.

This is what appears to be the issue with THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS, a long-winded title, tells the spine-tingling tale of ten-year-old Lewis Barnavelt who goes to live with his eccentric uncle in a creaky old house with a mysterious clock in its walls.

But his new town’s sleepy façade jolts to life with a secret world of warlocks and witches when Lewis accidentally awakens the dead.


BEIRUT: With most of us cinephiles, and most general audience members slowly starting to pick up on Hollywood’s lack of original content and massive box office failures, it is rather nice to walk into a movie theater, sit in the seat and witness a rather new take within the thriller genre.

Taking inspiration from our modern modes of communication, and diving head first into the virtual world, writer and director Aneesh Chaganty and writer and producer Sev Ohanian concoct a suspenseful tale about the lies we tell on our social media profiles and how distant we’ve all become in the…

We now live in what is most likely the new Golden Age of serialized content.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I say serialized content and not television, because television as a whole isn’t what is experiencing a renaissance — it’s the content that is in the form of dramatic storytelling that is.

Yet, as a person who absolutely loves serialized content (I don’t even read stand alone novels) I can’t help but feel rather fatigued by all the content that is now available.

I find myself continuously filtering out series that I used to addictively keep up with, because… well I’m just not as engaged…

To start off you may be asking what does enter late, exit early actually mean, and how does it apply to writing?

According to Syd Field, the Guru of Screenwriting, a scene should begin at the latest point possible and end before things get boring, drawn out, and redundant.

To be honest, on the surface this seems to be logical and a technique that every writer , director, editor, etc. would want to do.

I mean who wants to hear that their show (film, television) was boring or that audience members lost interest, and this is my current struggle with…

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